Here is the courtyard at our Songambele Health Center, an ongoing project of Roads to Life Tanzania. A primary school classroom in Nkololo. Here is a digital rendition of the proposed Songambele Hospital in its completed form. Father Paul and Dr. Helena walk near the entrance of Songambele Clinic.

Roads to Life Tanzania, Inc.

Our Organization

We serve the people in the Nkololo village in the Simiyu region of Tanzania in Africa. We provide healthcare, educate young men and women, and help maintain road infrastructure. Our work is to continue the ongoing charitable work begun in 1960 by the Reverend Paul E. Fagan (“Father Paul”), a Roman Catholic missionary priest who has provided assistance to the people of Nkololo in the Simiyu region.

    Help us fight malaria, provide primary and obstetric care, lab testing, and emergency services at Songambele Hospital.

    We are assisting the poor in gaining educational opportunities by helping increase access to educational programs.

    Our roads pave the way to health care and education. Help us maintain our connections.

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Your donations keep us going.

All donations to Roads to Life Tanzania, Inc are tax deductible. We all volunteer our time and talent. Your financial support goes directly to our programs that help the people of Nkololo in the Simiyu region of Tanzania.